Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What We Watched 04/12/10 - 04/25/10

The Slammin' Salmon - Fun, if standard, comedy from the Broken Lizard guys.  Michael Clark Duncan steals the show. ***
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn - Still holds up.  Some of the most suspensful Trek stuff.  Montalban is awesomely over-the-top. ****
Walker - Weird, pseudo-historical western/ political drama that just might be a black comedy so dry, you might not get the joke.  Look for a guy drinking coke and smoking Marlboros.  In 1850's Nicaraugua. ***
The Secret if NIMH - Beautiful animation and great voice-casting doesn't make up for the garbled story.  Not nearly as good as remembered. **
Ashes of Time Redux - The plot might demand your attention, but the amazing visuals and frenetic fight scenes (  choreography by Sammo Hng ) make it well worth your while. ***
Babe: Pig in the City - Surprisingly dark, totally enthralling kids' movie with outstanding production design.  ****

The Losers -Fun performances overcome big budget action cliches. ***
The Killer -Even better than remembered. Fat and Woo at their most effectively operatic. *****
Hard Boiled -Still might be Woo's finest outing, very well rounded mix of humor and melodrama in addition to some of the best action sequences ever staged. *****
Flashpoint -Slick kung fu crime drama, with lots of inventive fight scenes from Yen. ****
House of the Devil -Sinister atmosphere and unbearable pacing, fantastic modern drive-in movie. ****
Pontypool -Well acted doomsday play with a little zombie action. ***

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