Friday, March 18, 2011

Valhalla Rising Review

Valhalla Rising, 2009
Reviewed By: Dan S.
Directed By: Nicolas Winding Refn
Written By: Nicolas Winding Refn, Roy Jacobsen
Starring: Mads Mikkelsen
Language: English

The Plot: A mute psychic viking and a little boy go sailing with some really dumb Christian warriors who get lost, drink some pyschotropic brew, and are randomly shot by arrows.

The Review: "Valhalla Rising" successfully generates a most unnerving atmosphere with its creepy desolate scenery and harsh droning musical score. Unfortunately, the dark quasi-spiritual imagery and unique music are the only things this movie has going for it. Thanks to director Nicolas Winding Refn's tedious pacing and frustrating editing, this visually intriguing film becomes an increasingly painful experience to even tolerate, let alone enjoy. Featuring very little in the way of dialogue, character development, and action; the primitive narrative snails through its modest running time with little of note occuring. Save the distinct looking Mikkelsen who has nothing to do except stare out of his one good eye and a likable young boy who acts his voice, the rest of the cast are a faceless and forgettable lot. There are also some distracting CGI animated chapter cards that kill the mood every few minutes, weak animated gore effects, and some goofy "future vision" that isn't elaborated upon. Also, there's a lot of mud.

Rating: **

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