Sunday, March 20, 2011

Limitless Review

Limitless, 2011
Reviewed By: Dan S.
Directed By: Neil Burger
Written By: Leslie Dixon
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, and Robert De Niro.

Plot: A struggling writer becomes addicted to an experimetnal drug that unlocks the full potential of the human brain.

Review: Despite being high concept with a fairly complex plot, the highly original "Limitless" is an incredibly easy movie to digest with its purposeful narration and focused well rounded storytelling. The most successful aspect of the movie is the way director Neil Burger uses creative digital effects and kinetic pacing to take the viewer on the same mind blowing journey as the protagonist; effectively imposing his emotions and thoughts upon you as he travels from jubliant highs to uncomfortable lows and even a trippy time skipping freak out. The film takes an unexpected gritty violent turn during its final act with some smart low key action and cringy suspense. Unforunately, the film's all too neat wrap up is not nearly as profound as you would expect. Not letting the visuals carry the story, the acting is solid all around with the charismatic Cooper dominating the movie as an empathetic and likable lead you can't help but root for despite a fairly immoral character. De Niro is thankfully kept in check and Howard steals his every scene as a brutal Russian gangster.

Rating: ****

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