Saturday, February 5, 2011

Full Contact Review

Full Contact, 1992
Reviewed By: Dan S.
Directed By; Ringo Lam
Written By: Nam Yin.
Starring: Chow Yun-Fat, Anthony Wong, Simon Yam, Anne Bridgewater, Bonnie Fu.
Language: Cantonese

Director Ringo Lam skillfully utilizes dramatic camera work that evokes the work of his contemporary John Woo. However, his emphasis on surreal colors, bloody exit wounds, and jaw dropping early bullet time effects set him apart as a far more "over the top" visionary. Highlighted by exaggerated performances, goofy dialogue/one liners, and a rocking 80s metal soundtrack this is some deliciously cheesy fun. The non-stop action is fairly large scale and diverse with strip club shoot outs, freeway chases in muscle cars, exploding cars, bank heists, and brawls. In the rare event the film does slow down, the character and story development is limited to goofy but entertaining melodrama that is certainly anything but dull.

Sporting sleeveless vests and a ridiculous hair cut, the soft looking Fat has never looked more uncomfortable in his own skin as the motorcycle riding anti-hero, but his physical presence and natural likability overcome his awkwardness. Cast against type, Anthony Wong hilariously overacts as a cowardly geek turned badass turned crybaby. As the memorable gay villain an outrageously dressed Simon Yam, produces weapons from thin air with magic tricks, cuddles young boys, and makes amusing offensive taunts. Evil babe Bonnie Fu provides some serious sleaze as an apparent nympho who is constantly moaning and grinding on every guy in the movie except Yam of course. Cute good babe Anne Bridgewater doesn’t have much to do except some weird arty striptease performances that curiously recall Flashdance.


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