Sunday, April 11, 2010

What We Watched 03/29-10 - 04/11/10

Equinox - Two cuts of this exist on the same disc. Awesomely bad professional film, complete with corny dialogue, editing mistakes and continuity errors galore. But as an amateur film made on a shoestring budget, shot without permits and using a cast of unprofessionals, this one is quite charming. Especially the handmade, Harryhausen-inspired stop-motion effects. Gonna watch this, watch the amateur version, but only with the commentary by future Academy Award-winning special effects artist Dennis Muren and his buddies. **
Local Hero - American oil man tries to convince residents of a small Scottish fishing village to sell their land for his eccentric boss's refinery development. Sounds pretty boring, but this was such a fun watch. Chock full of local color and understated humor. Not to be missed. *****
M. Hulot's Holiday - Charming French comedy, light on plot and heavy on social satire. Rowan Atkinson cited M. Hulot as a driving inspiration for Mr. Bean. With this one, you can just sit back and enjoy the vacation along with M. Hulot. ****
Mon Oncle - The adventures of M. Hulot continue as he visits his nephew and family in their slick, and absurdly ultra-modern abode. More charming satire, this time aimed at modern homelife. ****
Sunset Blvd. - Dark and very watchable classic with some biting criticism of the old Hollywood system. Lots of great dialogue. And such a cool opening shot. ****
Where the Wild Things Are - Very disappointing and pleasantly surprising at the same time. Amazing effects and a story that doesn't condescend to any kids that might be interested. Only problem is, this is a kids movie made specifically for adults. **
The Queen - Workmanlike, if standard, docudrama raised above tv movie status by talented cast, great score, and overall quality of production.Worth watching if only for Helen Mirren's performance. ***
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - Endlessly entertaining crime-thriller that veers into dark comedy territory quite often. Nicolas Cage is at his bug-eyed, overacting best in this little gem from director Werner Herzog. *****
South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season - Still funny as ever. "I like fishsticks." ****
Infestation - The Mist by way of Shaun of the Dead. A lot of fun. ***
Beware the Moon - Pretty comprehensive An American Werewolf in London making-of with some fantastic cast interviews and some funny stories. Must see for any fan of the movie. ****

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - Another surreal masterpeice from the decade spanning career of Herzog with Cage perfectly cast to his off beat talents . *****
Lair of the White Worm - Campy 80s gem from the infamous Ken Russell. Slow, dialogue heavy scenes are a bore but the spontaneous acid freak outs, whacky humor, and Amanda Donohoe's alluring weirdness are not to be missed. ***
Chungking Express - Hypnotic visual feast for the eyes, kinetic first act might be some of the finest film making I've ever seen. *****

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  1. Just want to throw in my 2 cents on the Where the Wild Things are... While I found the movie a slight disturbing, I did find the music wonderfully enjoyable.