Monday, April 5, 2010

What We Watched 03/21/10- 03/28/10

Hobson's Choice - Charles Laughton is thoroughly watchable as the owner of a successful shoe store looking to marry his daughters off. ****
2012 - Almost not even worth watching to make fun of.  Exhausting in every sense of the word.  What a waste of decent special effects work.  Why, Danny Glover? *
Gentlemen Broncos - This movie trys so hard to make you not like it and it almost succeeds. Worth watching if only for the fantasy sequences starring Sam Rockwell. **
Dark Shadows - Campy, fun night-time soap opera in the vein of Dallas.  Except you also get vampires, ghosts, witches and time travel. ***
Shooter - Predictable to the extreme.  Characters in this manage to be unlikeable AND boring.Would have been straight-to-video except for the budget.  Again, Glover? **

Black Dynamite -Funny recreation of low budget 70s blaxploitation but not as amusing as the real thing. ***
Friday the 13th (2009 version) -Jason has never been so dull. Not as insulting as Rob Zombie's Trailer Park take on Halloween at least. **

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